• You need to have an account on a supported Exchange;
  • You need to have Docker installed:;
  • You need to have an API key active on a supported Exchange. It needs read, trade and withdraw permission.


Add your unprivileged user to the correct group to execute Docker commands without root: $ sudo usermod -aG docker ${USER}. You might need to log out & log back in for this to take effect.

Using Docker Hub (easiest)


Use these commands to download this tool from Docker Hub:

$ docker pull


Using these commands you can download the newest version from Docker Hub:

$ docker image rm
$ docker pull

Build your own (more control)

If you desire more control, pull this project from GitHub and build it yourself. To do this, execute these commands:

cd ~
git clone
cd bitcoin-dca
docker build . -t

When an upgrade is available, run git pull to fetch the latest changes and build the docker container again.

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