Deriving new Bitcoin addresses from your XPUB


You need persistent storage to keep track of which address index the tool should use. See Setting up persistent storage for Bitcoin DCA

Instead of withdrawing to the same static Bitcoin address every time you make a withdrawal, it’s also possible to supply a Master Public Key to Bitcoin DCA.

After configuring, Bitcoin DCA will start at the first address (index #0) it can derive from your XPUB.

Configuring a XPUB

For the sake of demonstration, we’ll be using the following XPUB here:


It’s very important that you verify the configured XPUB to make sure your Bitcoin will be sent to addresses in your possession.

Verifying the configured XPUB

You can verify that Bitcoin DCA will derive the correct addresses using the following command:

You can check that the correct address is being used when attempting to withdraw your Bitcoin:

After successful withdrawal, the tool will increase the inner index and use address #1 the next time a withdrawal is being made.